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Child using inhaler for asthma

What to do During an Asthma Attack

June 15, 2018

There are classic signs of a full-on asthma attack that should immediately be treated. If you’ve developed a plan with your doctor, you might already have a quick-acting inhaler to counter the symptoms. If not, you’ll want to call your doctor as soon as you are able.

When is asthma an emergency?

Young woman drinking alcohol

How Alcohol Can Lead to an Emergency

May 18, 2018

Even when drinking in moderation, it’s extremely important to know the risks of consuming alcohol, and to recognize the critical signs of alcohol poisoning should there ever be an emergency.

Woman injury needing medical attention

ER vs. Urgent Care: What Level of Care Do You Need?

April 16, 2018

It’s important to know the different healthcare options available in your community. This handy chart highlights the differences between several healthcare facilities and describes where a patient should go depending on his or her medical needs.